Endoenergy Systems Ltd.


To have full autonomy over one’s own life. But as we age, assistance is needed to perform daily tasks diminishing the scope of independence. Endoenergy Systems is determined to keep you independent as long as possible.



The freedom to do as you wish, not being controlled by anybody or anything. Endoenergy Systems is aimed at “Freedom for Life”- A freedom to do work, attend activities, socialize and enjoy life without any mobility constrain.



Being able to make own decisions and go about our daily lives according to our own values and preferences at any age. Endoenergy is focused to maintain your dignity even when you are older.




which Helps

people to Move

Endoenergy Systems Ltd. is developing assistive wearable exoskeletons to help elderly people move around for daily activities even when physical abilities decrease with aging.

We are a technology pull company and will not push our technology on anyone who does not believe it will “bring back their lost lives”.

We support the elderly by providing freedom to maintain personal dignity and live independently in their own homes maintaining their social lives for as long as possible.


Exoskeletons are body-fitting wearable solutions that work in tandem with the user to support and reinforce desired human motions. Endoenergy’s EXOs are advanced assistive systems designed to help the elderly to perform essential activities of daily living. The support can be to lower-body for mobility, upper body for manipulation and full body for “carrying shopping home” type activities.

Why Endoenergy?

Industry 4.0 of Independent living

Endoenergy Systems is developing a wearable assistive technology for elderly persons starting to have problems to move around such as getting up and going to the bathroom, standing freely to cook, maintaining balance, to go up/down stairs freely. Over 15 years of extensive research and development has led us to create advanced exoskeletons to support people in the real world. Key features of Endoenergy’s assistive EXOs are:

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